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I'm not gonna lie, I've been dragging my feet on the Mechanical Jellyfish project. but recent events, a recent DD not withstanding, have given me the kick to ass I needed to get back to work on this thing.

there's three basic steps to my dream writing process. first my sleeping dream needs to cook up the dream for me, then I have to write it down in my journal before I forget what happened, then I have to transcribe whatever I've scribbled down in my journal to electronic text where I can edit and revise and so on. with fiction the most painful part of the entire writing process is revision. but with non-fiction/dream writing I've found transcribing from journal to type to be the worst part of the process. I don't enjoy reading my shorthand writing. the stuff I've written in my tiny, worn out spiral notebook is raw data, much of it composed of notes and terms that would be unintelligible to anyone reading it. when I'm transcribing it to text I have to make sure it's coherent to the point that people can understand what's going on while at the same time avoiding making stuff up, since that would defeat the purpose. it's not easy to do and mind-numbingly boring most of the time because I have to read the same thing over and over again. but it must be done.

I first started keeping my journal in July of 2010. at the time it was just for fun and potential source material for my fiction. near the end of 2011 I stumbled upon a book called LSD - Lovely Sweet Dream by Hiroko Nishikawa. the book is a collection of Hiroko's dreams over the course of ten years along with a artistic interpretations by various artists. following the tradition of my favorite writers and artists I've decided to shamelessly rip off Mr. Nishikawa's idea by compiling a single year's worth of my dreams for publication. the source material is all there it's just the task of transcribing it that needs to be done. at the time of writing this entry I've transcribed every journal entry from the year 2012 up through the month of October. with any luck I'll have the rest finished and posted before the end of the year.

in the mean time if any of you reading this stuff has any feedback, suggestions or if you've noticed any errors please let me know. this is still a work in progress.

PS. you can find Hiroko Nishikawa's journal with illustrations here:…


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Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I am a heavy equipment specialist working in the North Slope borough of Alaska. I spend my free time working on my writing.

I'm a Purdue graduate. I have a BA in creative writing and I'm currently applying to various low-residency MFA programs. I write fiction for the most part and occasionally poetry and creative non-fiction.

my Daily Deviations:
Happy HollowLook:
I found him in Happy Hollow, the woods that's on the outskirts of the city. He was a little ways off the path me and my sister, Nahla, take to school, 'cept Nahla was sick that day so it was just me by myself. It's not the fastest way to get to school, but we can't go through Northampton or else the bullies that live there will throw dirt clods at us. After I found him I took him to this old shed out there. It's got a hole in the roof but I figured the little guy'd be safe there on account of it's a good ways away from the Northampton houses; plus you can't hardly see it through all the leaves and branches and stuff. His fur was real white and real soft, just like snow 'cept it wasn't cold. It was warm and fuzzy so it made you wanna squeeze him real tight. I liked playing with his ears cuz they was all floppy, 'cept when you made a weird noise, then they'd stick straight up and he'd tilt his head sideways and look at you funny. He had a long bushy tail and sharp little baby teeth
The Last Kind Man    For once I was glad my little sister was with me because I couldn't remember what Mom sent us to the swap meet for. I was watching the kasheeskis (spider-legged elephants if you ain't from around here) belching white clouds into the air. They get twenty feet tall this time of year. The alpha of the herd puffed a cloud of white smoke in our direction that almost made me lose my balance. Ran over a pothole so big that Mom’s instructions bounced outta my head and almost took Anne with them.
    The Sunday swap meet was in full swing when we got there. Old Miss Fullerton was selling corn and squashes from her little wooden cart. She's almost a hundred years old and still she hauls that cart to and from the pier ever Sunday with her own two hands. Next to her was Gil, the only black in South Beaufort, in his little plywood stand selling handmade soap. Anne likes Gil's stand the best because them little soap bars come to life when you look at

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